I beg to differ

August 29, 2008

Not a Huge Fan

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I have to say that neither McCain nor Obama are what I would consider good picks. And I think both of them flubbed the Veep picks this week.

First–Obama. He says he is for change, but he doesn’t change anything. He’s never changed anything. He votes the party line on the easy stuff, and on the hard stuff he abstains. He does that of course so that he can remain malleable and thus increase his chances to be successful in poly-ticks.

He says he is for change but he choose Biden–a man who has been in the senate for thirty-five years! Well, he certainly can add a lot of experience to the ticket but…we won’t see change, oh no. You do recall what the VP gets to do, right?  He’s the Senate tie-breaker.

So in the other corner we have McCain. I don’t hate the guy but I strongly disagree with his original (Kennedy) immigration stance. I do like that he is against pork barrel spending. But again, McCain is a part of the old guard and we will not see any improvement. Plus, he supports climate change legislation, a sure-fire death knell to any economy.

I want to see someone like Dan Carlin run for the top office.

I want my healthcare!

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My great-grandparents didn’t emigrate to the United States for freedom! My ancestors didn’t come here for opportunity! They came here for Universal Healthcare! And that is what the Constitution of the United States of America says I have a RIGHT to have.

God Bless the rights given to me by government because before government, I had no rights.

(For those of you who don’t know me—that was sarcasm.)

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